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Domino Directory

This authentication type connects to an - already configured - Domino database server via Domino CORBA and tries to login to it with given credentials. The user definitions of the domino directory, including the "web password" configured there, are used to validate them. The credentials are regarded valid if the login succeeds.

This authentication type is preconfigured for databases of type "OpenWGA content store for Lotus Domino" even when their domain has no authentication. You may however configure this authentication type on domain level to also use it for other types of databases.

As stated you first need to configure a Database Server of type "Lotus Domino Server" before using this authentication source.

To configure this authentication type you only need to specify the Database Server to be used as authentication.

Logins to be used via this authentication type need to be allowed to connect to the server via Domino CORBA which is to be configured in the server (notes) document of the domino directory.