OpenWGA 7.4 - WebTML reference

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<tml:query cache ="true | false">


Specifies if OpenWGA should cache the query result until the database is modified.


Using the query cache will raise performance of complex queries where the backend database server need much CPU time to compute the result. OpenWGA caches the result of the query (the keys of the matching documents) per user and query.

In the following situations the query should NOT be cached:
  • The query contains dynamic values which will not change when the database is modifed. For e.g. the current date or time.
  • The query is of type 'Lucene'. Lucene does not need caching bc. index queries are already very fast.
  • The query tag contains attributes which will affect the result. For e.g. "alllanguages" or "includecurrent".
  • The database implementation returns temporary content keys. For e.g. custom JDBC database implementations or the RSS feed connector.

Default value: