OpenWGA 7.4 - Configuration references

Java system variables


Purpose: Number of persistent sessions on each Lotus Domino CORBA ORB
Contents: Integer number
Default value: 9
Tuning option for Lotus Domino CORBA connections by OpenWGA determining how many database sessions on a single CORBA object request broker (ORB) may be kept in the pool for reusage. This value must be lower than de.innovationgate.wga.domino.sessions to allow at least a single non-persistent session per ORB.

All remaining sessions on the ORB that are not persistent will directly be dropped after usage to allow the creation of other sessions to maybe other databases. This allows the domino connection pool to access all available databases in high traffic situations.

Non persistent sessions will only be used when the number of allowed persistent sessions on an ORB are exceeded.