OpenWGA 7.3 - Configuration references

Java system variables


Purpose: Number of sessions on a Lotus Domino CORBA ORB
Contents: Integer number
Default value: 10
Tuning option for Lotus Domino CORBA connections in OpenWGA, determining the number of database sessions that a single CORBA object request broker (ORB) may contain. Increasing this number will increase the total number of sessions that can be used by OpenWGA but will slow down the processing speed of each session, as all sessions on the same ORB also share the same network connection.

OpenWGA will always try to use a low number of sessions on each ORB and create new ORBs for new sessions as long as it is allowed to. It will only increase it when all allowed ORBs have been created and then will balance the number of sessions along all orbs. The number configured here will only be reached in high traffic situations.