OpenWGA 7.3 - Configuration references

Java system variables


Purpose: Determines the capacity of the TMLScript code cache
Contents: Zahl
Default value: 1000
The TMLScript code cache stores compiled TMLScript code scripts for reusage. Any TMLScript executed in OpenWGA is first compiled into Java bytecode and then executed. When the same script is executed again OpenWGA can retrieve the compiled version from this cache to avoid the compilation process and increase performance.

The size of the TMLScript code cache is limited. When it is filled to its maximum number of scripts - determined by this variable - it will drop the oldest compilations in favor of new ones ("least recently used" policy). So the code of those removed compilations will need to get recompiled on their next execution.

You can increase this value to allow more scripts to get cached. However be careful, as those compilations are not stored in the main Java heap memory but in the rather small "Permanent Generation", a part of the Java memory dedicated to store class definitions, which by default may only grow to 64 megabytes. You may need to increase the size of this memory segment too to prevent "OutOfMemoryError: Perm gen space". This normally is done -with the VM parameter "-XX:PermGenSize".