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WebTML tags


Description :

For all iterations. The body of this tag gets displayed for every iteration.

By specifying attribute "type" you determine what you want to iterate over:

See the documentation of these types for a proper description.

Using sortorder and other sort... attributes the <tml:foreach> tag can sort the iterating values. Note however that WebTML needs to retrieve the whole result set for sorting, no matter how much results are actually shown, so this may be slow with large result sets. If the results originate from a query it is often very much better to use sorting functionalities of the query language used.

When the output of <tml:foreach> is redirected into some kind of WebTML variable - using attributes like varsessionvar etc, - then the value is stored as a List containing each iterations result as element. However to retrieve the list in TMLScript you need to use this.itemList() for this.item() will only return the first element.

Derived from: Attributes:
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Name Value(s) Purpose
count 1...n Specifies on type="loop" the number of iterations
currentvalue variable For type="itemvalue", type="loop" und type="tagresult" the current values of the iteration were written to the specified variable.
expression TMLScript-expression Executes a TMLScript expression whose result is used as iteration item
filllastpage true | false | t | f | 1 | 0 Controls, if the last page of a foreach-loop will be filled up with the last documents of the previous page, if the remaining documents are fewer than the pagesize. This only effects foreach loops with set pagesize. Defaults to "true".
filter tmlscript-expression Specifies a TMLScript expression to filter values or documents that are iterated
item item | variable Specifies on type="itemvalue" the name of an item whose values is to iterate over
linear true | false Enables "linear fetching", providing a more linear paging behaviour when invisible documents are involved
offset 1..n Specifies an offset from which the foreach tag should start iteration and paging computation
onlypublished true | false Specifies if only published documents should be considered in the iteration.
page 1..n Explicitly select the page to display on a paged output
pagesize 1...n

Dividing up the output into separate pages, each holding the number of results specified

sortcomparison tmlscript-expression Determines an expression to compare iteration objects for sorting
sortexpression expression Sorts the iteration output by the results of an expression
sortitem item | variable Sorts the iteration output by a content item
sortmeta meta-field Sorts the iteration output by a  metadata field
sortorder ascending | descending Determines a sort order for the iteration output
sourcetag tag-id Specifies the id of source tag for a iteration over content documents if type="content".
type="content" content

Iterates over content documents

type="itemvalue" itemvalue Iterates over the values stored in an item or WebTML variable
type="loop" loop Iterates a given number of times

Tag-Infos :
currentpage: Number of the current displayed page.
pages:Total number of all representable pages.
currentvalue: The current value of the iteration(in detail at type="itemvalue|tagresult|level" the current item value/value in result tag/level).
haspreviouspage: Boolean-object, to indicate if a previous page exists (not made for direct use - use <tml:if haspreviouspage ...>).
hasnextpage: Boolean-objekt, to indicate if a next page exists(not made for direct use - use <tml:if hasnextapge ...>).
startindex: Index of the first value of the  current displayed page.
endindex: Index of the last value of the  current displayed page.
count: Total number of  representable values.
iteration: The current number of iteration.


See documentation about values of the type attribute for examples how to use them: