OpenWGA 7.2 - TMLScript reference

TMLContext "this"
Method :

hasLabel([container], [file], key)

On object TMLContext "this"
Usage Tests if a label is available for the given key that can be served to the user
Description You can use this method to react on the existence or non-existence of a label. If a label cannot be served in a language that the current user accepts this method returns false.
Parameters container (String, optional):
File container basename (without language suffix) holding label files. When omitted uses the currently active default container basename, "labels" if not determined.

file (String, optional):
Label file holding label definitions. When omitted uses the current active default filename, "general" if not determined.

key (String):
The key of the label
Return value true if a label in a suitable language can be served, false otherwise
Allowed in script types
  • WebTML pages and normal WebTML actions