OpenWGA 7.11 - Updating to OpenWGA 7.11

Doing the update

Installations from the WAR file distribution on Windows

In this installation type you have manually setup an Apache Tomcat server on a Windows operating system, then added OpenWGA in the form of the WAR file distribution as web application to this server. You can perform the following steps for an upgrade:

  • Download the WAR file distribution of the new OpenWGA version from the downloads
  • Stop the tomcat server
  • In the "webapps" directory of tomcat rename the currently installed war archive in order to allow a downgrade to the previous version if necessary, for example to 'ROOT.war.last' (but always to a name that does not have the .war suffix to prevent it from being deployed!)
  • Copy the downloaded war file into the "webapps" folder and rename it to "ROOT.war"
  • Remove the folder "ROOT", containing the unpacked previous OpenWGA version, from the "webapps" folder
  • Clear the contents of the "work" directory of Tomcat
  • Start tomcat again