OpenWGA 7.11 - Guide for OpenWGA Content Manager

Recommended browsers for using Content Manager

The choice of browser is crucial for the experience of the web, even more when using browser-based authoring tools like OpenWGA Content Manager, which are quite demanding on the browsers engine regarding functionality and resources.

We recommend using OpenWGA Content Manager with browsers based on the rendering engines Gecko or WebKit, including their forks. For example:

We recommend to always use up-to-date versions of these browsers (mainly not because of OpenWGA but because of your online security).

The following browsers are not recommended for usage with OpenWGA Content Manager:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: IE9 has a problem with browser authoring tools where the document mode of an authored website is bound to the document mode of the containing authoring tool (see "How Internet Explorer Chooses Between Document Modes" regarding "iframe" elements in IE9). This is of course problematic since it binds the used mode for the contained site to the one used for Content Manager. Therefor display of websites inside CM will be different from their display in normal browsing.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions: These now quite outdated versions of Internet Explorer lack many features necessary for special Content Manager functionalities, like Drag&Drop, page zoom and some visual styles based on rounded borders, shadows and gradients.