OpenWGA 7.11 - OpenWGA Concepts and Features

Content Stores


There are multiple versions of OpenWGA content stores which differ in the range of supported features.

Over the path of development some new WGA/OpenWGA versions introduced new content store versions which enabled the usage of new features. Because of this the version numbers of content store versions are those of the WGA/OpenWGA version that introduced that version. A content store of one version cannot be converted into another version "in-place". Instead the data of an older content store version needs to be migrated into a content store of the desired target version to be able to use the additional capabilities of that target version.

The content store version 5 marks a change in this scheme, as it introduces the possibility to patch the existent structure. Therefor additional enhancements to the content store structure of version 5 are automatically applied to all connected content stores once a new version of the OpenWGA server connects it. These patched versions are identified by their patch number.

Not all content store versions are available for all content store platforms.

Content Store Version Introduced with (Open)WGA version Features
3.0 3.0
  • Basic WGA content management features, like page hierarchy, workflows, multi-language content etc.
4.1 4.1
  • Optimized file handling
    • File attachments are stored and retrieved as 64 kilobyte chunks, preventing the whole contents of a published file to be loaded into server memory at once
    • File attachments carry specific metadata fields, like file size, md5 checksum, created and last modified date/time
5.0 5.0
  • Pure synthetic id referencing between entities
  • Additional metadata fields
    • "coauthors", "owner", "published" and "contentclass" on content documents
    • "uniquename", "published" on struct entries
  • Content relations
  • New and more performant portlet registry
  • Script module IDs are qualified by their code type
  • Guaranteed maximum size for field names (items, metadata field, extension data fields) of at least 200 characters for all platforms
  • Extension metadata fields for many entities
  • Revision based history log
  • Patcheable structure
  • Removal of many obsolete metadata fields and other structures
5.0 Patch 1 5.0.3
  • None, only bugfixes for structures introduced in version 5.0
5.0 Patch 2 5.3
  • Content relation groups
5.0 Patch 3 5.4
  • New metadata field "readers" on struct entries, providing hierarchically inherited reader rights to pages
5.0 Patch 4 6.3
  • Support for "distinct file contents" storage, storing only unique file attachment contents
  • Support for storage of file derivates
5.0 Patch 5 7.1
  • Support for binary extension data fields
  • Direct binding of file derivates to concrete file attachments