OpenWGA 7.11 - OpenWGA Concepts and Features


Organizing website publishing

This chapter treats topics about how to organize the way your web apps are published, i.e. which hostname of your server serves which application and where inside your application a user is guided when he has not addressed something special.

On a typical web server there is one "home page" where the user that only enters the hostname of the site, but no extra path information, is redirected for a start. In OpenWGA the process to determine such a home page is divided up into two parts:

  • When a user adresses an OpenWGA server by its host name / root path without any extra information OpenWGA first needs to determine which web application is responsible for this request. This topic is treated by chapter Connect web applications with hostnames
  • When a web application on an OpenWGA server is addressed without any extra path information OpenWGA tries to determine the home page for that individual web app. 
So in OpenWGA web apps have a home page, not the whole server.

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