OpenWGA 7.11 - OpenWGA Concepts and Features

Data sources

Custom MySQL/HQLDB/... Database

This data source type enables you to embed data from custom relational databases in OpenWGA.

There are two flavors for embedding these types of databases:

The Custom ... Database (Query only) is a very simple implementation allowing basicly only to query the database with SQL and put out the resultset data. A JDBC driver of any version can be used with this type. It is to be preferred if the amount of data that should be retrieved per query is quite large and if the performance of those is too low with the "Enhanced access" type.

The Custom ... Database (Enhanced access) is another implementation which besides SQL querying also allows table browsing and creating/editing/deleting table rows via  WGAPI. It's usage has the following requirements:

  • A JDBC Driver of Version 3.0 needs to be used supporting updatable result sets with insert row
  • Tables to be modified need to have a primary index which at maximum contains only one column with autogenerated values
While it is more flexible in usage it is also slower in performance than the "Query only" type when large result sets are involved and generally needs more resources.

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