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WebTML tags


Description :
A simple condition tag which evaluates its body when the condition is 'true'. In combination with <tml:select> multi level conditions can be constructed.
Derived from: Attributes:
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Name Value(s) Purpose
value number | string Defines the value to compare to the 'switch' value of the surrounding <tml:select>.

If the contents of the <tml:c<case> tag is not rendered because its condition is false or an earlier <tml:case> inside a <tml:select> was true then it will also not write WebTML variables that may have been specified by any variable-writing attributes on it like var, pvar, sessionvar etc.
Usage in combination with <tml:select>:

    <tml:case isempty="headline">
        No headline defined
        Headline: <tml:item name="headline"/>

Usage standalone:

<tml:case isselected="true">
    <tml:include ref="subnavigation"/>