OpenWGA 7.11 - TMLScript reference

Method :


On object List
Usage Removes a value from the list
Description Either specify the value to be removed or its index position as a parameter.

Variant 2 with index parameter has priority so whenever you specify a number argument it will be interpreted as index position. In the rare case that you want to remove a number value from the list you should first find its position with list.indexOf() and then pass that to the remove() method.
Parameters value:
Variant 1: Value that is to be removed from the list

idx (Number):
Variant 2: Index position whose value is to be removed from the list
Return value Variant 1: true if the value was found, false otherwise (Boolean)

Variant 2: The value that has been removed from the list. null if it was not found
Allowed in script types
  • WebTML pages and normal WebTML actions
  • Master actions
  • TMLScript tasks in jobs
  • Content type events