OpenWGA 7.11 - TMLScript reference

Property :


On object ContentTypeEvent
Usage Offers additional information about the event, which is specific for the event type, as lookup table
Description The objects available in this lookup table differ between the types of content type events. Currently only event type "workflowMail" offers some additional information in this property:

EventAvailable keys for the lookup table
The object which represents the contents of the mail in the effective workflow mail type. Allows modification of the mail contents before sending.

On workflows of OpenWGA Content Stores for Lotus Domino  the value is of type "lotus.domino.RichTextField", which is a class of the Lotus Domino Java API representing a richtext field. This is because this database type uses internal Lotus Dominio Mail for the delivery of the workflow mail.

On other OpenWGA Content Stores which use  SMTP for mail delivery it is of type "javax.mail.Message", which is a class of the regular Java Mail API.

Writable False
Return value A lookup table
Allowed in script types
  • Content type events