OpenWGA 7.11 - TMLScript reference

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On object Auth
Usage Searches for users and groups on the authentication backend

This is an optional service of authentication sources that allows to search for users and groups that are known to the backend by providing a query. In most cases the query is interpreted as containing a port of the user/group name.

Result of the search is a list of Java beans of type de.innovationgate.webgate.api.auth.UserGroupInfo. They have the following properties:

  • info.aliasNames (List) - All alias names of the user
  • info.attributes (Lookup table) - Data attributes of the user definition. Dependent on the authentication backend.
  • info.fullQualifiedName (String) - The primary, qualified name of the user
  • (Boolean) - true if the info represents a group
  • info.user (Boolean) - true if the info represents a user

query (String):

The query of the user/group search. Mostly a name part of the users/groups to find.

Return value List of UserGroupInfo beans. See description.
Allowed in script types
  • WebTML pages and normal WebTML actions
  • Master actions
  • TMLScript tasks in jobs
  • Content type events