OpenWGA 7.11 - TMLScript reference



Description Represents an full-fledged OpenWGA web application, containing an OpenWGA Content Store with complete CMS features and an OpenWGA design.
Allowed in script types
  • WebTML pages and normal WebTML actions
  • Master actions
  • TMLScript tasks in jobs
  • Content type events
Inherits from object Database
Properties and methods
Name Purpose
accessLevel inherited Returns the access level that the current user has on this database
areaNames Returns the names of all website areas in this app
contentTypeNames Returns the names of all content types in this app
db() inherited Returns the WGAPI database object for the database
dbKey inherited Returns the database key of the database
design([reference]) Retrieve the Design of this application
domain() inherited Returns the Domain to which the database belongs
getGlobal(name) Returns a TMLScript global that is available for the current app
getHomepage() Returns a TMLContext object pointing to the home page of the App - if the home page is configured "by name". Returns null otherwise.
getHomepageURL() Returns the URL to the home page of the App.
getPersDb() Returns the personalisation db (WGDatabase) object of the App.

Availabe since 7.9.5

getPublisherOption(name) inherited Retrieves the value of a publisher option

Returns the distinguished name of the user currently logged in on this app

getUserProfile(name) Returns the user profile (WGDocument) object for the given name.

Availabe since 7.9.5

HDBModel Returns the HDBModel object for the current application
isAnonymous() inherited Returns if the user in anonymously logged in to this database
isAuthor() inherited Returns if the user has at least access level AUTHOR on this database
isChiefEditor() inherited Returns if the user has at least access level CHIEFEDITOR on this database
isEditor() inherited Returns if the user has at least access level EDITOR on this database
isManager() inherited Returns if the user has access level MANAGER on this database
isOpen() inherited Returns if a session is open on this database
isReader() inherited Returns if the user has at least access level READER on this database
languageNames Returns the names (i.e. codes) of all language definitions in this app
lucene() Returns a Lucene object using this app as context
luceneIndexed Returns if a Lucene fulltext index is available for this application
managedGlobal(name, designLocator[, config]) Define a managed global for the specified Scope.
query(queryType, query, [attributes, [queryParams, [context]]])
query(query [,config])
Performs a query on the database
title Returns the title of the App.

(Available since 7.10.6)

userRoles Returns the ACL user roles that the current user owns on this app