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Object "extensionData"

Represents an extension data field. Extension data fields are internal data fields that are generally available on many entities in a content store. They store additional annotated data for that entity which is not stored on other facilities. On a content document they are retrievable vial list property content.extensionData['itemname'].
Property Type of contents Contents
boolean Number (0 or 1) Boolean value of the field, represented as numeric 1 and 0, if it is of type boolean
date Date Date value of the field if it is of type date
entity Object Entity to which this field belongs
name Text Name of the field in lowercase
number Number Number value of the field if it is of type number
text Text Text value of the field if it is of type text
type Number Data type of the field
1 - Text
2 - Number
3 - Date
4 - Serialized object (Castor-type)
5 - Serialized object (XStream-type)
6 - Boolean