OpenWGA 7.11 - Configuration references

Java system variables

Java system variables are set globally for a Java runtime to influence the behaviour of the running program. On simple Java programs they are determined with the "-D" parameter on the Java VM call. Application servers may have their own way to configure Java system variables that should be automatically set for the server runtime.

OpenWGA uses them to configure global application settings that should be available right from the start. The following are defined for the current OpenWGA version:
Variable Purpose
de.innovationgate.license.DevelopmentModeEnabled Activates or deactivates development mode
de.innovationgate.wga.auth.folder Base directory for XML authentication files
de.innovationgate.wga.backend.verbose Activates verbose log output about database backend access
de.innovationgate.wga.backend.verbose.doctypes Sets the document types on which to do verbose backend logging
de.innovationgate.wga.cachemanagement.verbose Activates verbose log output about cache management of background changes
de.innovationgate.wga.configpath Determination of the OpenWGA configuration path
de.innovationgate.wga.datapath Determines a directoy for various self managed data files of OpenWGA
de.innovationgate.wga.debug Detailled log output about partial OpenWGA functionalities
de.innovationgate.wga.defaultplugins Determines a directory where OpenWGA plugin files can be deposited for automatic installation
Determines the encryption algorithm to be used by OpenWGA
Activates verbose log output about document object instantiations
de.innovationgate.wga.domino.orbs Number of Lotus Domino CORBA ORBs
de.innovationgate.wga.domino.orbs.iterations Number of allowed ORB allocation tries
Maximum number of Lotus Domino CORBA ORBs allowed at a time, including "dying" ORBs
de.innovationgate.wga.domino.sessions Number of sessions on a Lotus Domino CORBA ORB
de.innovationgate.wga.domino.sessions.lifetime Maximum lifetime of Lotus Domino CORBA database sessions
de.innovationgate.wga.domino.sessions.persistent Number of persistent sessions on each Lotus Domino CORBA ORB
Determines the maximal reservation time for a Lotus Domino CORBA session
de.innovationgate.wga.hsql.disable_batch Disables JDBC batch support for all OpenWGA content stores of HQL and OpenWGA Plugin Content Stores
de.innovationgate.wga.hsql.logsize Sets the maximum logsize of HSQL databases in megabytes
de.innovationgate.wga.imgscalr.method Determines the quality of scaling for the ImgScalr image scaling functionality
de.innovationgate.wga.jmx.disable Disables JMX functionalities in OpenWGA
de.innovationgate.wga.logpath Directory for the output of application log files
de.innovationgate.wga.lucene.disableAutoIndexOptimization Deactivates automatic optimization of the lucene index
de.innovationgate.wga.lucene.keywords_as_content Determines if the keywords of content documents should be treated as "content" by the lucene index
de.innovationgate.wga.maxConcurrentPrivateUserCaches Determines the maximum size of the "concurrent private user cache"
de.innovationgate.wga.quartz.threadcount Maximum number of parallel processes on the OpenWGA scheduler
de.innovationgate.wga.quartz.threadpriority Java priority of OpenWGA scheduler processes
de.innovationgate.wga.tmlscript.cache.size Determines the capacity of the TMLScript code cache
de.innovationgate.wga.wfdefinitions Directory to store workflow definition for old OpenWGA content stores
de.innovationgate.wgapi.eventthread.sleeptime Running interval of the WGAPI event thread