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Description: This is the base tag of the hierarchy definition.
Subtags: <custom>

definition="<file-container-name>" (optional)

Used to redirect the location of the HDBModel definition to another file container. The attribute expects a WebTML design reference for a file container, like "path:to:filecontainer". If the attribute is specified the hierarchy definition is retrieved from a file "hdb-model.xml" in the specified file container rather than from the current file. The current file then should only contain the root <hdb-model> tag.

scripts="<scripts-path>" (optional)

Used to redirect the location HDBModel event scripts to another base path. The attribute expects a WebTML design reference for a scripts module path. So setting it to "my:hdbmodel:scripts" would let HDBModel search for event script modules in the folder "/scripts/tmlscript/my/hdbmodel/scripts" of a design directory.

version="<version-number>" (optional)

A number for the version of HDBModel definition. Currently not used by OpenWGA.

versioning="none|full" (optional)

Controls versioning behaviour of HDBModel. Defaults to "none". Versioning behaviour "full" creates documents in draft mode and performs document updates on new versions. This mode is currently regarded experimental.