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Determining the home page for a web app

The home page of a web app is the page where OpenWGA redirects to when the web app is called without any extra path information, typically by the root URL of the OpenWGA server plus the database key of the web app as first and single path argument. It however is also used when no web app is addressed at all, only the OpenWGA hostname / root path is given in the URL and the functionality described in connect web applications with hostnames is in effect. After determining the default web application for the request OpenWGA redirects to the home page of that web app.

There are two ways to determine an apps home page. Either by using OpenWGAs default behaviour for homepages or by configuring a home page.

On the default behaviour, which is in effect when no home page is configured, OpenWGA tries to find a page/content in the web app of the unqiue name "home". If it finds such a document it redirects the user to it. If not OpenWGA will show an error that no home page could be determined.

Alternatively a home page can be configured for each individual web app. There are again two ways to do this, utilizing different publishing options to be configured on the web app:

  • The publisher option "Home page path" can be used to determine a URL path to redirect to for retrieving the home page. The path is appended to the web app base url. It should not start with a slash. For example: a web app of database key "internet" may have a home page path "html/default/welcome.en.html". So calling its base url "" will redirect to "".
  • The publisher option "Home page unique name" may be used to configure an alternative unique name for retrieving the home page document. This name will be used instead of "home" from the default behaviour.