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Special features

Scheduled release

When publishing a content version the author has the possibility to specify a date from which the version will be visible by using the "valid from" field:

screenshot at 2012-11-22 10:29:12.png

After the document passed approval workflow (if there is any) this will result in the document staying in status "review" if the "valid from" date has not been reached at that time. It is now pending release and will automatically be published when the "valid from" time has been reached. The Content Manager shows this status in its right panel:

screenshot at 2012-11-22 10:30:55.png

If there is a currently released content version that will be replaced when the new pending version gets released then this version will stay released while the new version is pending. Only when the "valid from" time is reached then it will get replaced by the new version and goes into archive.

Project mode

As useful as content versioning is for a published website as problematic it may be while the site is still in setup or while a larger "overhaul project" is underway. Many content documents get edited very frequently and in many situations it is not necessary to keep each and every version that gets created. It would be ok if only the final version of the setup/overhaul project would be kept by the OpenWGA content store.

To accomplish this OpenWGA offers a project mode which can be enabled for certain apps while they are in such a project. The project mode is a Contentstore configuration option that can be added to the configuration of an OpenWGA web app in admin client. Go into the configuration of your web app (Menu "Web Applications", Tab "All Web Applications" and select your app), click button "edit", then click "Show/hide more options" on section "Contentstore configuration" and find option "find "Project mode enabled" from the selection list:

screenshot at 2012-11-22 10:44:04.png

Enabled project mode will change content versioning the following way:

  • When a document is edited a draft copy of the currently released version is created just as usual
  • When this document gets published two things are different from normal publishing:
    • All approval workflows (if any available) are bypassed and the document is released immediately
    • The previously released version does not go into archive but is deleted instead

This will keep the project changes from flooding the page archives. You just need to remember deactivating project mode again after your project is finished and normal content versioning should again take place.