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Lotus Domino

Lotus Domino is a proprietary document-based database platform owned by the IBM corporation.

Support for this server platform is only available on the OpenWGA Enterprise Edition.

OpenWGA supports content stores on Lotus Domino servers of version 7.0.2 or higher. OpenWGA Content Stores on Lotus Domino are only available for content store version 3.

Architecture considerations

As Lotus Domino is accessed via a rather slow/coarse grained CORBA protocol, whose server-side resources are also limited you should:

  • Use a Lotus Domino Server which is on the same physical machine as your OpenWGA server
  • Only connect one OpenWGA server to one Lotus Domino Server. One Domino Server should not serve multiple CORBA client applications.


To connect to Lotus Domino Servers OpenWGA needs the JAR file containing the DIIOP CORBA API. This is a file named NSCO.jar normally located in the subfolder "domino/java" of your Domino Data Directory.Put the JAR file into the classpath of your application server:

  •     When you have installed OpenWGA via official debian packages or linux installer just put driver files into the folder "/var/lib/openwga/tomcat/lib"
  •     If you used the official linux installer you can put them into "/opt/tomcat/lib"
  •     In OpenWGA Developer Studio just open the configuration of your runtime project by double-clicking the file "runtime.xml", go to register "configuration" and add the files there in section "Tomcat Libraries".

You will need to restart the OpenWGA server for the driver to become available.

You need a dedicated web user in your Domino Directory which OpenWGA can use to access databases. There is no ID file neccessary for this user, only a user document in the Domino Directory, having a specified "Internet Password".

Additionally you need to ensure the following settings for the Domino Server which OpenWGA should access and its server configuration document in Domino Directory:

  • The DIIOP task needs to be running
  • In Section "Ports > Internet Ports > DIIOP" of the server document the "Access via name&password" needs to be activated. Anonymous access may stay deactivated.
  • In Section "Internet Protocols > DIIOP" of the server document enter the host name or IP adress of the domino server. OpenWGA needs to be able to access the domino server via this host name. Also ensure that the "Idle Session Timeout" is set to at least 15 minutes.
  • In Section "Security", field "Run unrestricted methods and operations" ensure that the dedicated user for OpenWGA is contained.

Lotus Domino installations on Linux systems frequently have the hostname of the system entered as loopback IP "127.0.0.x" in "/etc/hosts". You should not enter this hostname into the server document as CORBA access from another system will not work then. Use another hostname, which the system itself resolves to its public IP.

OpenWGA cannot create databases for content stores on a Lotus Domino server itself. Instead you need to manually create a new database on the domino server and apply a "WGA Content Store" domino template to it:

  • Download the Supply Package for OpenWGA EE from the Customer Center of You need to use your IG customer login to proceed to the downloads. Extract it and find the file TWGACSX_X_X.ntf (The X'es being version numbers). Copy this template file to your Domino Servers Data Directory.
  • Create a new database on your Domino Server using this Template
  • Ensure the following settings for your new Lotus Domino database
    • The ACL should allow access for the dedicated OpenWGA user on Manager level, including predefined domino role "[admin]"
    • Setting "Maximum internet name and password" (in the "Advanced" section of the ACL) must be level "Editor" or higher
    • While opening the database in Notes Client click the yellow "i" symbol to the to left to open the setup document. There click the button "Sign Web agents" so all agents are signed with the server ID and are allowed to run.


OpenWGA admin client should guide you in the process of connecting to your domino server and database once OpenWGA has the neccessary API to access the DIIOP CORBA server. Note however that if your Domino Server is on a Linux system you most likely need to adjust the DIIOP port which OpenWGA uses. On Linux this  60148 instead of the default port 63148. Specify this as additional option for the database server configuration.