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Uploading plugin files

Plugins may also be distributed in file form, having the suffix ".wgaplugin". These plugin files can also be installed in OpenWGA admin client, under menu "Plugins > Plugin Management".


Here click the button Install new plugin on the top right. You will be offered a file upload field where you can specify the plugin file to install. Click button "Upload" to proceed:


You will be presented a summary of the operation to be performed and the plugin itself. If the plugin is distributed under a provided license you will be asked to accept this license via checkbox before you can commit the plugin installation with the button Perform Changes.

If your uploaded plugin declares dependencies to other plugins which are currently not yet installed then you will be warned here that your plugin will be inactive after installation. You may upload these dependency plugins now (again by uploading their plugin files as described before) and install multiple plugins in one operation. You may also install your plugin now and keep it inactive until you install those dependency plugins in a later operation.