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Contrasting HDB and HDBModel

The HDB API is an alternative content management API introduced to WGA with version 4..0. It provides a view on the WGAPI which presents the page hierarchy of an OpenWGA content store as a hierarchy of simple documents, hiding CMS features which are unwanted for data-driven applications, just like HDBModel does. However HDB is only an API which needs to be used from TMLScript and Java. It provides no guidance how to setup a data-driven application and how to organize data.

HDBModel builds upon HDB as a fully-featured application framework, including data structure definition, high-level WebTML functionality to create/update/navigate content and everything else neccessary to actually plan and build an application.

HDBModel applications introduce the concept of storages below contents, allowing for deeper nested structures which keep being maintainable. The same is not possible with HDB, where storages may only be on root or below other storages.