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XML authentication file

This is a very simple way to provide authentication that you can use for test/development systems or systems with very limited need of authentication. It uses an XML file of predefined syntax to define valid logins and their further properties.

The following is the template for an XML authentication file. Just drop it into the OpenWGA configuration directory  (the one that contains the wgaconfig.xml) and add your own user/group definitions to it:

    <user name="John Doe" 
    <user name="Jane Doe" 
    <group name="admins" members="John Doe,Jane Doe"/>

The structure of this XML file is very basic. There are only three types of elements, the root element "users", the user definition element "user" and the group definition element "group". The three are explained in the following section.

Root element "users"

This element is only allowed once at the file root. It does not contain any attributes

Element "user"

An element defining a user, expected directly below element "users".

  • Attribute "name": The fully distinguished name of the user
  • Attribute "password": The password for the user as clear text
  • Attribute "mail": The E-Mail address of the user
  • Attribute "aliases": A comma-separated list of user name aliases which may also be used to login the user or set her/his authorisation rights

Element "group":

An element defining a group, expected directly below element "users"

  • Attribute "name": The fully distinguished name of the group
  • Attribute "members": A comma-separated list of user names (either fully distinguished or aliases) whose users are members of the list. It is not possible to specify groups here to create cascaded groups.