OpenWGA 7.10 - WebTML reference

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<tml:url derivate ="derivate-query">


Lets the generated URL address a file derivate of the specified file instead of the original


This is only valid on type="file" .

The attribute contains a derivate query which OpenWGA will use to search for a derivate of the adressed file that matches the query. If the query succeeds in finding a matching derivate it is addressed by the URL instead of the original file. If not the request for this URL will return with HTTP error code 412 "Precondition failed".

Note that the query is not executed on rendering the <tml:url> tag but on the request by which the browser will load the resource on the URL.


A valid derivate query


This adresses a derivate of the specified image file which is of type "poster" (i.e. a variant of visual representation) and should be about 1024 pixels wide:

<tml:url type="file" file="photo.jpg" derivate="usage=poster,width~1024"/>