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<tml:range cacheupdate ="dbupdate | never">


Determines when an existing cache entry gets updated automatically


Normally every WebTML cache entry is discarded if the database at whole has been updated since the entry was created. WebTML cannot securely determine if the changes really influence the cached range so this also happens if the changes have been done anywhere in the content store, no matter if the changed documents area really used in the range. 

You may want to disable this automatic update which you can do by setting this attribute to "never". Instead you can rely on cachelatency to update the cache regularly after a fixed validity period. Your cache then may present obsolete data, but at maximum only for the time given as latency.


dbupdate: Update the cache if the database has been updated since creating the entry.

never: Never update the cache automatically. Note: Setting this while not setting cachelatency will let a cache entry live forever, maybe presenting stale data.

Default value: