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<tml:item xpath ="xpath-expression">


Executes the given XPath expression on the item value. The <tml:item> tag will display the result of the XPath expression. The item value must contain valid XML data.


The attribute "xpath" can be used for content items and variables which contain XML data in the following form:

  • unparsed XML text
  • XML-DOM-Nodes, parsed by parseXML()
  • JavaScript XML object
The given XPath expression is executed on the XML data. The <tml:item> tag will display the corresponding result. If the XPath expression has multiple results a list will be returned. If the result is a XML subtree an XML object of the same type as the input type will be returned.

Further XPath expressions can be executed on item values or variables which contain a JavaBean. In this case the XPath expression will be evaluated on the bean properties.


Any XPath expression


The item "bookmark" contains the following XML code:

<key type="uniquename">home</key>

If you want to display the "title" only you can use:

<tml:item name="bookmark" xpath="bookmark/title"/>

To display the value of the attribute 'type' of the tag 'key':

<tml:item name="bookmark" xpath="bookmark/key/@type"/>