OpenWGA 7.10 - WebTML reference

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<tml:input options ="option1[|value1],option2[|value2], ...">


Specifies predefined options for the input field.


Specifies predefined options for the input field. Multiple options are delimited by comma. 

Each option might have a title. This title is displayed instead of the value, which nevertheless will be the real field value. Specify option value and title divided by a pipe character "|". If you do not specify titles here you may as well let them be calculated by attribute optionstitle.

The data type of the option equals the data type of the form field:
  • Type "select", "checkbox" and "radio": string value
  • Type "number": number value
  • Type "date": a date value
If using types "number and "date" then you should also use attribute format to determine in which format you have specified the number/date values in those options.

Options will be automatically HTML encoded so any valid XML attribute value is allowed here.

It is also possible to specify the options with an item or WebTML variable. See attribute "optionitem".

If you want WebTML to automatically retrieve options for a HDBModel relation then you need to omit both attributes options and optionsitem.


Comma separated list of options.


A simple option definition without titles:

<tml:input name="creditcard" type="select" options="VISA, Mastercard, American Express"/>

An option definition with titles appended via pipe for each individual value:

<tml:input name="language" type="select" options="English|en, German|de, French|fr"/>

An option definition for date values. Note how the specified date format is reflected in the options definition values:

<tml:input name="startdate" type="date" options="01.01.2010,01.02.2010,01.03.2010" format="dd.MM.yyyy"/>