OpenWGA 7.10 - TMLScript reference

TMLForm "tmlform"
Method :

storeField(fieldName, doc [, storeName])

On object TMLForm "tmlform"
Usage Stores a single form field to a document

This method transfers the data of a form field to a document (either content document or user profile) , respecting the individual settings for the field. On fields marked as relation fields it stores a relation. Fields marked as metadata fields are stored into the corresponding metadata field of the document. All other fields are stored as items.

This method does not execute form validation. It also does not save the modifications on the target document.


fieldName (String):

Name of the field to be stored

doc (WGAPI object WGDocument):

Either a content document or a user profile. Relation fields can only be stored on content documents.

storeName (String ,optional):

Specifies an alternative name by which the field will be stored on the document, normally as an item of that name. If the field is registered as metadata field (attribute meta="true") then the name is interpreted as metadata field name, which is to be stored on the document.