OpenWGA 7.10 - Configuration references

Java system variables


Purpose: Number of allowed ORB allocation tries
Contents: Integer option
Default value: 50
This is a tuning option for Lotus Domino CORBA connections deciding, how many numbers of retrieval iterations OpenWGA may do to find a free CORBA object request broker (ORB). When a new database session to the Domino server is needed and all ORBs already have their maximum number of allowed sessions then the OpenWGA domino connection pool will wait 100 milliseconds and after that try again to find a free ORB. 

This variable decides how many of these tries may be done and how long OpenWGA in the end will wait for a free ORB. The default vaue of 50 iterations meins 50 * 100 milliseconds, equalling 5 seconds maximum wait time.

If all tries finished without finding a free ORB the session creation is rejected.