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WebTML tags » input

<tml:input type="select | checkbox | radio" >


Provides an input field for choosing predefined values


The predefined values can be specified multiple ways:

  • As comma-separated list using attribute options
  • As the name of a content item/WebTML variable, holding a list of the available options, using attribute optionsitem

Use the attribute multiple on type "select" to determine if multiple selections should be allowed.

On type "checkbox" multiple selections are always, on type "radio" never allowed.


  • select: renders an HTML list or combo box.
  • checkbox: renders an HTML checkbox <input type="checkbox">.
  • radio: renders an HTML radio box <input type="radio">.


An HTML list box (size="5"):
<tml:input type="select" options="German|de,English|en,French|fr" name="lang">size="5"</tml:input>

A checkbox:
<tml:input type="checkbox" options="German|de,English|en,French|fr" name="lang"/>

A radio box:
<tml:input type="radio" options="German|de,English|en,French|fr" name="lang"/>