OpenWGA 7.1 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Should be used in the HTML HEAD area. Prints meta data and openWGA internal scripts needed form openWGA Browser Authoring Interface and other WebTML functionalities. 
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Name Value(s) Purpose
metaoutput true | false Controls if the meta data tag "keywords" and if necessary "refresh" should be displayed

The tag <tml:htmlhead/> has several functionalities:

  • it prints meta data of the current displayed content document, the meta data defines e.g. keywords with meta tag "keywords"
  • it provides WebTML functionalities, used by openWGA Browser Authoring Interface and other openWGA tags. Included are JavaScript variables and JavaScript functions for the Browser.
Before there was the WebTML element "htmlhead" which provides similar functionalities, but was more complicated to use. The WebTML element is obsolete.
Tag normally given without attributes.

        <title>My Document</title>
    ...several HTML-Code

Are there WebTML functionalities which needs optional special scripts, the attribute "scripts" is needed. E.g. the WebTML tag <tml:input/> needs a  script for its calender.

        <title>My document</title>
        <tml:htmlhead scripts="calendar"/>
        <tml:form id="myform" source="content">
        date: <tml:input type="date" name="inputDate"/><br/>