OpenWGA 7.1 - WebTML reference

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<tml:element source ="path-class">


Classes outside the classpath of the application server can be loaded with this attribute (useful for new created elements). In an URL-path is to be set either to a directory or to a jar file. This can be a URL pointing to the local file system (file:/c:/...) or a HTTP-URL (http://server/..). When using a directory, please note that the class itself has to be stored in a directory revealing its package (see examples).


Loads element classes from a local JAR under path "C:\elements.jar". (Note, that even on windows system all directory slashes must be forward slashes like "/")
    Loads element classes from a jar, provided via HTTP.

Loads element classes from a local directory. Classes must be stored in a directory structure revealing their package name.
e.g.a class "de.innovationgate.wga.elements.Element"
must be stored on this path:

<< name else >>