OpenWGA 7.1 - Configuration references

Java system variables


Maximum number of Lotus Domino CORBA ORBs allowed at a time, including "dying" ORBs
Contents: Integer number
Default value: 20
This is a tuning option for Lotus Domino CORBA connections in OpenWGA, determining the maximum number of CORBA object request browsers (ORBs) that OpenWGA may have at a time. In contrary to de.innovationgate.wga.domino.orbs this includes living and "dying" ORBs.

A dying ORB is an object request broker which is not allowed to create new sessions, and whose existing sessions will be dropped after their next usage. The ORB is closed after all sessions have been dropped. ORBs become "dying" when their first session has reached its maximum lifetime (de.innovationgate.wga.domino.sessions.lifetime) and is closed. The ORB then cannot be used to create new sessions because of Lotus Domino stability issues.

While dying ORBs exist the complete number of active ORBs may be beyond the number determined in de.innovationgate.wga.domino.orbs, as this only determines the number of living ORBs. This setting reduces the complete ORB count to prevent resource exhaustion on the Lotus Domino server. If this total number is reached then OpenWGA is not allowed to create any new ORB, even if the number of normal ORBs has not reached its determined number.