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Derivate creation in a cluster

If you run an cluster with multiple OpenWGA server nodes then it is only natural that only one of those servers should execute the task of derivate creation.

This normally is the master node of the cluster. However there may be situations where you want to designate a special node for the derivate creation process. For example if the derivate creation for your system is quite exhaustive and interferes with the performance of normal website publishing. Then you might dedicate a server with less or even no traffic to do the creation process.

You can control the derivate creation process on each individual server in OpenWGA admin client:

  • Enable "expert mode" with the checkbox to the top right
  • Navigate to menu "Configuration" > "Advanced Configuration"
  • Change to tab "File Derivates" and click "Edit"

screenshot at 2014-03-26 09:37:23.png

  • For all servers where no derivate process should run change setting "Derivate update process" to "Disabled" and save via "Save" button
  • For the one where it should run change this setting to "Enabled" and save via "Save" button