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User opt-in to persist user profile data

For some countries web sites are forced to provide the user with an "opt-in" mechanism before the site is allowed to store persistent tracking data to the his browser. This is true for all european union countries which have implemented EU data security law that way, like Austria, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands.

Besides using personalisation mode "Session based" websites under these laws also have the possibility to choose mode "Automatic/Cookie based" and enable the publishing option Personalisation: User opt-in for persistent storage which is available on this mode.

When this feature is enabled all new profiles for new users start in a transient mode, equal to "Session based". No personalisation cookie is sent to the browser. If the user leaves the HTTP session without ever performing an opt-in the profile will be gone forever.

It is now in the responsibility of the web apps design to provide a user interface where the user can perform an opt-in. This UI should be offered when profile property profile.storageOptedIn in TMLScript returns false. Once the user confirms persistent storage this UI should call profile method profile.optInStorage() which will finally mark the profile as being persistent. After that it behaves like a normal persistent profile. Also the personalisation cookie is now sent to the users browser containing the profile ID, so OpenWGA will re-fetch the profile on later visits.