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<tml:metadata type="taginfo" >


Reads a WebTML tag information field


Most WebTML tags provide information about their current state via so called "tag information fields". They are documented along with each WebTML tag in the section "Tag-Infos". For example, see <tml:foreach> providing various information about its iteration data and processing.

Use this type to retrieve these informations. You will need to specify the sourcetag and the name of the tag information field in separate attributes.

There is a shortcut tag <tml:taginfo> equaling <tml:metadata> with this type.


Example reading current page information from a <tml:foreach> tag with id "iteration", including the current page, the number of pages in total and the count of results in total

Currently showing <tml:metadata type="taginfo" sourcetag="iteration" name="currentpage" format="decimal"/>
 of <tml:metadata type="taginfo" sourcetag="iteration" name="pages" format="decimal"/> pages
 showing <tml:metadata type="taginfo" sourcetag="iteration" name="pages" format="count"/> results