OpenWGA 5.4 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :

Generates urls for different OpenWGA resources. The resource type depends on the attribute "type". The default type is "content".

You can use tag <tml:param> inside the content of <tml:url> to define parameters to add to the URL.

Derived from: Attributes:
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Name Value(s) Purpose
absolute true | false Defines if the generated URL should be absolute or relative.
action id|tml script module reference Defines the action for which an url is generated. The action can be specified by id or by tml script module reference. The type attribute is automatically set to "action".
db dbkey Defines the target database for the url being generated
debounce true|false Only valid on type="action". Activates or deactivates the debounce feature of the action.
doc filecontainer|documentkey Defines the document reference.
file filename Defines the file for which the url is generated.
keepparams true | false Adds all var and URL parameters to the URL that were available on the current request
layout TML module name Defines the tml layout for the referenced page.
medium media key Valid on type="content" and type="tml": Specifies the media key of the tml module.
mode portlet mode Deprecated: Use <tml:url action="$refresh" portletmode="<mode>"/> instead.
name name of a design resource Valid on type="css|js" and type="tml": Specifies the name of the design resource an url is generated for.
page page number Defines the page number for the generated URL on type="selectpage".
pkey portletkey Deprecated: Use <tml:url action="$refresh" portletmode="<mode>"/> instead.
plainlink true|false Only valid on type="action". If the url is defined within a TML form the form will normally be submitted before the action is called. plainlink='true' enforces to call the action via a GET request. No POST request will be used and unsaved form data will be discarded.
protocol http | https | ... Forces to generate the URL with the specified protocol.
sourcetag tag id Valid on type="nextpage|previouspage": Specifies the id of the foreach tag whose paging should be referenced.
type="action" action Defines an url which calls an tml action.
type="changelanguage" changelanguage Renders a link which will change the preferred language of the current user.
type="content" content Renders an url to the current document.
type="css|js" css|js Creates an url to a java script or css resource which can be specified by the attribute "name".
type="file" file Creates an url to a file resource. The file can be contained within a file container or an attachment on a content document.
The attribute "doc" is used to refer the container. The attribute "file" specifies the filename.
type="homepage" Generates an URL to the homepage of an OpenWGA application
type="login" login Creates an url to the login page of the current database.
type="logout" logout Creates an url which allows the user to logout from an OpenWGA domain.
type="nextpage|previouspage|selectpage" nextpage | previouspage Creates an url which allows paging over the pages of a <tml:foreach> tag.
type="portletmode" portletmode Deprecated: Use <tml:url action="$refresh" portletmode="<mode>"/> instead.
type="tml" tml Creates an url to a tml module which should be rendered without document context.

This tag is derived from <tml:[All action calling tags]> as it is able to generate URLs for calling WebTML actions. The attributes inherited from there are only effective when type="action" is used.