OpenWGA 5.4 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Defines a set of attributes for a section in TML. Further the <tml:range> tag can be used to cache a certain part of TML code.
Derived from: Attributes:
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Name Value(s) Purpose
cachekey TML script expression Activates the TML cache for the content of this range tag and declares a cache key expression
cachelatency minutes Defines the latency in minutes for the cache.
labelcontainer label container Defines the default label container within the range tag. This container is used if no explicit container is defined on <tml:label>.
labelfile label file Defines the default label file used in label lookups within the range tag. This label file is used if no file is explicit given on <tml:label>.
timeout seconds Deprecated. Since the TML cache is allowed to server stale data while another request reevaluates the cache content the synchronisation has been removed beetween concurent requests. Therefore there is no need anymore to set a timeout.
tmlscope scope Sets the WebTML scope for contained WebTML Tags

Tag-Infos :
cachekey: The computed cached key if the TML cache is used.
cacheused: Returns 'true' if the cached value was used or 'false' if the TML cache was evaluated within this request.

<tml:range context="root">
    this code is evaluated in the context of the root document