OpenWGA 5.4 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags » option

<tml:option scope ="global | local">


Specifies the scope of this option for included TML modules.


There are two reasons to restrict the scope of a TML option:

  • You may dispatch options to included TML modules with same name but different meaning.
  • The communication traffic for ajax activated portlets will be reduced bc. each option has to submitted on an ajax request to the server.
The scope of an option can either be "local" or "global".


local: The option is restricted to the currently included TML module if <tml:option> is specified within the body of <tml:include> or is restricted to the current module if the option is defined somewhere else in the TML code. If the included module itself includes further modules the option will NOT be dispatched to these modules by default. This behaviour can be changed by the attribute "keepoptions" on the sub include.

global: The option scope is not restricted and visible to the whole TML code in the sub tag hierarchy.

Default value: