OpenWGA 5.4 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Renders a HTML link for the current document in context.
Derived from: Attributes:
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Name Value(s) Purpose
layout TML module Defines the TML module which is used to render the document when the link is activated.
medium media key The document will be rendered in the default layout or the layout specified by "layout" of the given media key.

<tml:link/> creates the following HTML output: <a href="[url]">[document title]</a>

Within the body of the <tml:link> tag you can specifiy further HTML attributes like css classes or styles.

<tml:link/> is equivalent to:
<a href="<tml:url/>"><tml:meta name="title"/></a>

The following creates a simple link to the current context document with its title.


The following creates the same link, but sets the CSS class "selected" on the <a> tag: