OpenWGA 5.4 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Display of data resources in the folder "files" as pictures. The corresponding HTML tag "img" is generated automatically.
Name Value(s) Purpose
cssclass css class Specifies an css class for the image
cssstyle css style definition Specifies a css style definition for this image.
db database key Determines the database that contains the image file.
doc name of a file container Name of a file container in the current database. If this is omitted the image file will be retrieved from the current content document. Equal to the attribute "name".
file filename Name of the image file. Identical to the attribute "src"
item Itemname Load and saves informations of a image file to a item
label Labeltext Only effective with attribute "item". Specifies a description that is displayed in browser if the image is not specified.
name name of a file container Equal to attribute "doc".
src file name Identical with attribute "file".


Valid abbreviations for this tag: <tml:img>

The body of this <tml:image> tag is transfered to the created <img> tag (as attribute) (see example).

erzeugt also:
<img src="..." something>

The tag <tml:image doc="x" file="y.gif"/> is equal to:
<img src="<tml:url type="file" doc="x" file="y.gif"/>">

<tml:image name="..." src="..."/> (former writing)
is equal to
<tml:image doc="..." file="..."/> (new writing).
The attributes have been adopted to the attributes of the <tml:url> tag in the new writing. The former writing is still supported but should no longer be employed.

<tml:image doc="logos" file="mylogo.jpg"/>

creates <img src="url to the picture">
<tml:image doc="logos" file="mylogo.jpg">border="1"</tml:image>

creates <img src="url to the logo" border="1">