OpenWGA 5.4 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Displays all error messages generated by the validation of a WebTML form.

If the validation fails this tags displays the error messages defined in the attribute validation or the tag validate.

The divider attribute can be used to divide the error messages.

Normally the  <tml:formmessages> tag refers to a <tml:form> in which body it is. But it is also possible to refer the tag to another from by the attribute sourcetag.
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Name Value(s) Purpose
sourcetag Tag-ID Defines the tml:form per Tag-ID to which the tml:formmessages shoud refer.

The following codes defines a validation with error messages which get displayed in the tag <tml:formmessages>

<tml:form id="theForm" source="none">
Your Name: <tml:input name="name" validation="$E_VALUE != ''" message="Please enter a name!"/>
<tml:button clickaction="$store">Store name</tml:button>