OpenWGA 5.4 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags » action

<tml:action master ="true|false">


Defines if the action should be called with master level or not.


Master actions are always executed with the master login of the database. Therefore they are not limited by user access rights.

Further each master action is executed in a separate thread and this behavior limits the available TMLScript functions (see TMLScript documentation for more details).
If a master action is called within an normal TML action, data modifications applied by the master action will not be visible for the normal TML action. It might be required to perform a WGDatabase.reopenSession(). Warning: All unsaved data of the current database session will be discarded.

A reopenSession() is not necessary if the master action is directly executed via an action link generated for e.g. by <tml:url> or <tml:button>.

Default value: