OpenWGA 5.4 - Query languages reference



This query type shows the contents of a Lotus Domino view in a custom Lotus Domino database. The result is either all documents in this view or documents filtered for special values in sorted view columns. The result is also returned in the sort order that is configured for the view.


There are some variants of syntax for this type. The simplest syntax needs only the name of a view to query:

If the view contains sorted columns (which is defined in the view configuration) you can filter the view for values in this column, using the following schematic syntax:

This syntax has three parts divided by a semicolon:
  • The view name
  • A list of key values, separated by pipe symbols. Each key value is used to filter values in a sorted view column. The first value for the first sorted column of the view, the second value for second sorted column and so on
  • A "exactMatch" flag, which should be either "true" or "false". When choosing true you will get documents whose sorted column values must match the given key value exactly. When choosing false you also get all documents whose sorted column values only begin with the given key value. So a key value of "de" would also match column values "de", "de-DE", "de-AT" and so on.
An example which matches all documents whose value in the first sorted column starts with an "A":

Another example using two key values and needing an exact match on both: