OpenWGA 5.0 - Concepts and Features

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OpenWGA as a mature "all-in-one" CMS and app development platform is filled with diverse concepts and features for all tasks that may be needed in this wide domain. This poses the question about the best way of providing this information to OpenWGA designers and administrators so they can learn those concepts.

In ealier WGA versions we tried to collect all information into one "giant" handbook for admins and designers, meant to be read from top to bottom to completely learn about the capabilities of the platform. But we soon discovered that this is not the way that people, including ourselves, deal with learning resources. It actually is never a real "clean" learning process where one sits with some book and just fills his head with information.

Instead people want to get their "hands dirty" as fast as possible and learn while actually trying things. This implies that the first and most important learning resource should be the application UI itself. It should already present the most basic application concepts in an intuive way and provide useful yet brief descriptions for all artefacts and settings. That is what we tried to accomplish with the OpenWGA admin client for administrators and the OpenWGA developer studio for designers.

From there on administrators and designers will be confronted with additional concepts of the platform that are beyond the scope of the UI to describe in a satisfying way. This is the point where an external learning resource should come into play that should provide an easy way to lookup the necessary keywords.

The new OpenWGA concept and feature reference should play this part for OpenWGA. It can be browsed in two ways: Via the usual "table of contents", a (flat) categorized hierarchy grouping concepts and features by their "location" inside OpenWGA, or as a "glossary", which lists all keywords for the described concepts alphabetically.

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